Sunny Miller










Sunny Miller

artist, muralist, teacher & human rights advocate

Additional references, full letters of recommendation
and contact information available as needed.
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“From concept to completion, she was imaginative, efficient and flexible as the conditions demanded. She worked long hours under challenging circumstances and delivered the work on time and under budget. The entire group appreciated the quality of her execution and indeed the outcome of that project truly exceeded our expectations. …”
-- C. Barry Rubin, Commercial Brokers, Inc. West Lafayette, Indiana, January, 2008

“It is with great pleasure that I am writing to endorse Sunny Miller’s application to your program. Ms. Miller was responsible for painting the ceiling murals in lobby of the Fairmont Coopley Plaza Hotel 20 years ago. While I did not personally have the opportunity to work with Ms. Miller during that time our colleagues and guests have admired the lasting, lively piece of art we still enjoy.”
-- Len Czarnecki, Hotel Manager, Boston, Massachusetts, February, 2008

“Sunny is a very bright, capable and dedicated individual. ... She also demonstrated qualities as an inspiring leader of many diverse individuals and communities. She has the management experience to coordinate complex projects. And she is extremely frugal, maximizing resources efficiently. …”
-- Janet Chayes, Financial Management & Computer Services, Conway, Massachusetts, Feb., 2008

“Sunny is skilled at organizing, writing press releases, and conducting press conferences and lectures. She has worked in partnership with local institutions, and was recently recognized by the community for her peacemaking efforts, winning the Martin Luther King, Jr. award at a local community college. Her community work has always been characterized by a celebrative and creative spirit, crowned by her artistic skills, judgement and professionalism. … Sunny will be an asset to any organization lucky enough to attract her to their cause. ”
-- Sally Shaw, Ecologist, Gill, Massachusetts, February, 2008

“… Whether they be Ghiberti's glowing brass doors to the Baptistry, or the astonishing carved wood altars by Riemenschneider, it's the challenge of making a shallow composition come alive with the suggestion of deep space that inspires many artists to their best work.
Sunny Miller's panels depicting the life of a younger Abraham Lincoln rise to this challenge. The use of rich detail and gesture within the relatively flat panels makes the imagery hover pleasingly between a skillfully rendered drawing that pulls us inward, and a carefully carved sculptural grouping that pushes out into our personal space. It is this dynamic balance between "falling into" and "pushing out" that makes relief a most appropriate medium for the story of a younger Lincoln…”
-- Scott Frankenberger, Ceramic artist, West Lafayette, Indiana, February, 2008

"Sunny Miller has taught multiple classes for Red Polly Studios & Gallery. Including Pottery, Modern Painting, and Mixed Media Camps, and Workshops. She has an excellent work ethic and love for teaching art. She is very attentive to her students and goes above and beyond to give them excellent experience. Sunny is knowledgeable about her work. She brings additional reference material for the students to learn from along with her practical experience and education. She is responsible and prompt with her classes and job title. She is a very reliable employee."
-- Joanna Retherford, Owner, Red Poppy Studios & Gallery, Lafayette, IN June, 2013

“I’ll be delighted to provide a reference.Call any time. ”
-- Roger Tackeff, commissioned my first public art, & several signs
for Renaissance Properties, in Boston, Massachusetts. February, 2008

“Saw the work and I like it.”
-- Mark Parmenter, 20+ years of bronze casting, White River Foundry, Spencer, Indiana