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Sunny Miller

artist, muralist, teacher & human rights advocate

Professional, creative sign solutions that promote your business or public service. All styles of lettering can be done freehand for commercial or educational projects.
Prices vary. 413-627-5979

Blue Moon Rising sign

Sign for Blue Moon Rising singing group in West Lafayette, Indiana

land and Sky sign

Sign for Land & Sky building site in Greenfield, Massachuetts

Sign for Northside Music Company, Lafayette, IN

If your business is to think OUT-of-the-BOX consider a round sign.
Many subjects can be abstracted to create a dynamic back-drop.

Rennaisanse Properties Bostonsign

Sign for Renaissance Properties, Boston, MA

Protect your workplace from the toxic fumes of vinyl signage?
Just ask for low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)!
Acrylic paints add dramatic color.

Bigelow sign
I constructed then marbelized this surface of
maximum density overlay, a most durable plywood
with a perfectly smooth surface, for
Renaissance Properties, in Boston.

Champlain Valley Festival sign

I can translate a monochrome logo
into a full-color image as I did for the
Chanplain Valley Festival in Vermont.

This is a wonderful festival of folk music, stories and culture, often at Kingsland Bay State Park,
right on Lake Champlain, in early August.

Sale into Dreams sign in Lafayette  Indiana

16 sheets of plywood painted for a sale

Mister Penquin sign

An early sign and mural, on Main Street in Lafayette, Indiana, my home town.

If you've got great ideas, you'll want a great sign!